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Frequent causes of truck accidents

On Behalf of | Jul 3, 2020 | Car Accidents |

Commercial trucks in Connecticut pose a great risk to small vehicles. Both small vehicle drivers and truck drivers should take all the necessary precautions. Minor errors such as failing to signal when overtaking or when passing may result in catastrophic truck accidents. Truck accidents may be as a result of various common situations.

The first instance is when passenger vehicle drivers commit unsafe acts, mainly due to ignorance. Some dangerous acts that they commit include:
• Abruptly changing lanes while they are in front of the truck
• Driving in areas where truck drivers have zero or limited visibility commonly referred to No-Zones
• Failing to speed up or slow down when a truck starts to change lanes
• Driving between trucks
• Leaving a vehicle on the travel lane
• Misjudging the speed of an approaching truck and they make a left turn

The second instance is where commercial truck drivers cause accidents. Other characteristics may play a part in traffic accidents despite the weight and size of the commercial trucks. They include:
• Insufficient training of the truck drivers
• Use of systems that support high speeds than the standard recommendations
• Trucking companies have unrealistic schedules, which make the drivers to over speed despite the risks involved

In cases of truck accidents, the victims may be eligible for compensation. The initial step is to learn about their rights by speaking to an experienced truck accident attorney. The attorney may try and obtain fair compensation in truck accident cases. The insurers to trucking companies represent them aggressively against the victims. An experienced attorney may stand up to the insurers. He/she may also make sure the injured party recognizes their strength in such a case, and they can make informed decisions. However, passenger vehicle drivers need to ensure that the accident was not a result of their negligence.