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Trucking companies should monitor harsh braking and acceleration

On Behalf of | Jul 14, 2020 | Car Accidents |

Harsh driving is not uncommon among passenger vehicle drivers in Connecticut, and the same goes for truckers, too. Harsh driving is driving characterized by rapid changes in speed and direction, and it usually indicates impatience or aggression.

Truck drivers who harshly brake and accelerate are especially putting themselves at a high risk for a crash. Harsh braking, for instance, can lead to a jackknifing incident while harsh acceleration can lead to a rear-end collision. Besides that, harsh driving puts stress on the ABS system, wearing out the brakes sooner; uses more fuel; and harms the environment. For these and other reasons, many trucking companies monitor for harsh driving.

They do this with accelerometers: devices that detect movement and its quantity. These are included in GPS devices, even in iPhones. Based on the measurements given by the accelerometer, it may trigger a report and then lead to an instant alert. This way, truck drivers can take care to be safer on the road, and the company may be better able to manage unsafe drivers. Such drivers may undergo coaching sessions, for example.

This is not just part of a company’s duty to its employees. It reflects the company’s duty to the public. If companies do not monitor for such reckless behaviors, it will only result in truckers ignoring other safety guidelines.

Truck accidents often result from this lack of a safety-minded culture among trucking fleets. Fortunately, those who were injured and who are 51% or less at fault, according to this state’s modified comparative fault rule, can be eligible for compensation if they file a personal injury claim. Of course, whether or not the trucking company pays out a reasonable amount in damages is another matter, so victims may want a lawyer to help with each step.