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What is premises liability in Connecticut?

On Behalf of | Jul 20, 2021 | Personal Injury |

New London business and residential property owners have a duty to maintain safe premises, and to protect visitors and guests from injury due to unsafe conditions.

Unfortunately, this standard isn’t always met, leading to a variety of potential injuries. If you have been injured on someone else’s property in New London, you may be eligible for compensation from the property owner through a premises liability claim.

Read on for more information regarding premises liability claims in Connecticut.

What is premises liability?

Premises liability is a type of personal injury claim based on an injury suffered on another party’s property. In most cases, premises liability claims are based on “negligence,” or the idea that the property owner failed to exercise reasonable care in the maintenance of their property’s safety.

There are a variety of injuries that can fall under the premises liability umbrella in Connecticut; common scenarios include slip and falls, dog bites or other animal attacks, and defective maintenance such as unsafe stairwells, electrocution, or fires.

Victims could suffer an injury in a variety of spaces, whether an un-shoveled sidewalk outside a business, a neglected spill in the aisle of a grocery store, or even in a residential unit that has not been properly maintained by the owner, tenant, or landlord.

How can I be compensated?

Compensation for a premises liability injury is calculated based on a variety of sources.

Economic damages, which are relatively easy to calculate, often include the costs of medical treatment, hospital stays, ambulance transport, surgery, and post-treatment care like physical or occupational therapy. In general, if the expense was incurred as a result of the injury, the liable party may be required to compensate you for the full amount.

Injuries that prevent you from working, and therefore unable to receive pay, may also allow you to claim compensation for lost income.

Non-economic damages, however, are based on the mental and emotional aspects of the injury. Pain and suffering resulting from the injury or from treatment for the injury is often considered.

What does a premises liability attorney do?

A premises liability lawyer in New London is an invaluable asset following a premises liability injury.

Your attorney can investigate and collect any and all evidence regarding your injury, giving you the strongest negotiating position with the liable party, as well as a strong claim should you need to pursue your case before the court.

Your attorney will also represent you in negotiations, giving you the best chance of securing fair compensation as quickly as possible.


Most importantly, your attorney can handle all aspects of your claim: Filing court documents, interviewing witnesses, or negotiating with insurers, for example. This allows you to focus on what really matters: getting better and getting back to normal.