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Premises Liability Attorneys Handling Slip-And-Fall Cases

The Reardon Law Firm, P.C., has successfully handled hundreds of premises liability cases for decades.

Our attorneys firmly believe in the rights of our clients to obtain full compensation for injuries caused by a property owner’s negligence. We represent clients in premises liability cases involving:

  • Slip-and-fall accidents: Store and restaurant owners may be liable for injuries caused by their failure to properly clean and maintain their premises.
  • Improper or inadequate security: Those who are injured because of improper or inadequate security in a public place, such as a restaurant or a parking lot, may be able to bring a claim against the property owner.
  • Municipalities: Defective sidewalks, streets or parking lots maintained by towns and cities can cause significant injuries. Our attorneys have extensive experience handling these claims.

We represent regular people who have been hurt because of someone else’s negligence. We handle complex legal matters for our clients, so they can focus on recovering from their injuries.

We obtained a $1 million settlement for a client who suffered permanent and almost total loss of use of her right hand as a result of a slip-and-fall in the hallway of a poorly maintained apartment building.

Statute Of Limitations

In Connecticut, there is a two-year statute of limitations for premises liability claims. If you have been injured by a dangerous property condition, it is important to speak with one of our lawyers as soon as possible.

Premises Liability Attorneys In Eastern Connecticut

Each of our cases is taken on a contingency fee basis, and we are paid only upon its successful outcome.

To speak with a Connecticut personal injury lawyer about how to obtain compensation for premises liability injuries, call our office at 860-442-0444 or email the firm.

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