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Attorney Robert I. Reardon, Jr. Represents Donald Trump In Connecticut And Florida Cases

Reardon Representing Trump In Florida, Too
Karen Florin Day Staff Writer, Courts

Publication: The Day

Published 01/14/2005

New London Attorney Is Working With Mogul Against Eastern Pequots

The New London attorney representing Donald Trump in a lawsuit against the Eastern Pequots is now part of another multi-million-dollar case involving Trump and a failed Indian casino deal.

Robert I. Reardon Jr. is representing Trump in a case against Richard T. Fields, a former Trump consultant, and the Baltimore-based Cordish Co., who formed a partnership and contracted with the Seminole Tribe to build two Hard Rock Hotel and Casinos in Florida.

“He asked me to assist him in the matter, and I did,” Reardon said Thursday. He is working with Miami law firm Russomanno & Borrelo since he is not admitted to the bar in Florida.

Trump retained Reardon two years ago to sue the Eastern Pequots and its casino backers. The case is proceeding in state court as the tribe continues to wait for an outcome of appeal of their federal recognition by the state and three local towns. Judge Susan Peck has yet to rule on a motion by the defendants to dismiss the case.

Trump had contracted with the Paucatuck Eastern Pequots to finance the tribe’s bid for federal recognition and would have ultimately profited from a casino. When that tribe and another, larger band of Eastern Pequots were recognized as a single tribe, the newly united tribal council voted to drop Trump in favor of another backer.

Reardon said the Florida case is distinctly different. In the 17-page complaint filed in Broward County, Florida Superior Court on Dec. 30, Trump claims Fields negotiated with the Seminoles on his behalf, then left his organization and conspired with the Cordish officials to win the contracts. Trump claims Fields and his partners misled the Florida tribe into believing they were contracting with the Trump organization for the casino contracts. Though the lawsuit does not specify an amount of money, Reardon said Trump is entitled to any profits realized by Fields and his partners. The Baltimore Sun estimates the partnership will be paid $1.3 billion over 10 years.

Fields also had worked with the Paucatuck Eastern Pequots on Trump’s behalf, according to the lawsuit.

Eastern Pequot officials had no comment on Trump’s latest lawsuit Thursday, but David Rosow, the tribe’s financial advisor and development partner, did issue a statement through the tribe.

“Donald Trump has become a master at using the courts in litigation and bankruptcy to achieve his objectives,” he said. “It’s unfortunate when a man of his talents and ability finds it necessary to do business in the courts rather than the boardroom.”

Reardon plans to travel to Florida next month to interview William Koch, a wealthy entrepreneur who is backing the Eastern Pequots along with Southport businessman David A. Rosow. He said all of the parties involved in the lawsuit have been unable to agree on the facts of the case and that they have notified Judge Susan Peck. Also, Reardon said he asked the court to grant him access to meeting minutes stored in the tribe’s Groton headquarters. The tribe’s attorneys have objected to the request, saying the court has ordered a stay on discovery.