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Estate Of Oakdale Man Awarded $2 Million After Failure To Diagnose Cancer Leads To Death

On the eve of trial in United States District Court for the District of Connecticut in Hartford, the United States of America (Veterans Administration) settled the wrongful death claim of an Oakdale man (brought by his wife) for $2 million after doctors from the VA failed to diagnose his throat cancer in the Spring of 2014.

James Hoznor was a patient at the VA Clinic in New London in 2014 when he underwent a CT scan of his neck that showed a significant abnormality. Doctors failed to diagnose him with throat cancer even though he had it at that time. Instead, he was told he had a swollen spit gland and discharged. Although he continued to complain of sore throats and enlarged neck glands over the 18 months, doctors repeatedly prescribed antibiotics and failed to follow up on the abnormal CT scan. It was not until he treated with a physician outside of the VA system in October of 2015 that he was finally diagnosed with Stage IV throat cancer. Despite painful and extensive treatment, he died in July of 2017 at the age of 69.

The Estate of James Hoznor, and his wife, Monique, were represented by Attorney Kelly Reardon of The Reardon Law Firm, PC of New London.

“Mrs. Hoznor is relieved the case is finally over and pleased that she has been compensated fully for the significant pain and suffering her husband unnecessarily went through due to the negligence of the VA medical providers,” according to Attorney Kelly Reardon. “This settlement represents recognition that, had the VA physicians not dismissed Mr. Hoznor’s complaints, he likely would be alive today.”