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Pedestrian Struck By Automobile Receives $300,000 Settlement

The Plaintiff, a 13-year-old girl, was struck by a motor vehicle while she was crossing Route 85 in Waterford, Connecticut, going from Waterford Commons to the Crystal Mall. On the day of the collision, the Plaintiff was shopping for a homecoming dress with her friend at the Mall. The girls went across the street to eat lunch at Panera and, after lunch, they walked down the hill from Panera to the intersection of Waterford Commons and Route 85, a ten-lane intersection. The girls entered the crosswalk at the intersection when cross traffic had a red traffic signal. The traffic signal, unfortunately, turned green while they were approximately halfway through the intersection. Attorney Joe Barnes filed claims against the Defendant driver, his insurance company and the State of Connecticut regarding the proper operation of the traffic signals. The 13-year-old girl was severely injured, as the truck had run over her legs and broken both of her ankles. She was taken to Lawrence & Memorial Hospital, where she remained for five days. She was diagnosed with bilateral ankle fractures and had surgery on her left ankle the day after the collision, which consisted of a closed reduction, percutaneous screw fixation. The case settled for $300,000.