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The Reardon Law Firm Settles Fall Down Case For $340,000

Attorney Joe Barnes of The Reardon Law Firm has settled a fall down case for $340,000. The Plaintiff, a 41-year-old male, fell down a set of stairs (three steps) while at work in a manufacturing plant, injuring his right hand (dominant), right shoulder and low back. At the time of the incident, the Plaintiff was considered “temporary employee.” A lawsuit was brought against both the property owner and tenant alleging the stairs were dangerous and defective because they did not have a handrail in violation of State and local building codes. The Plaintiff reached out in an attempt to grab on to something at the time of his fall to catch himself and to prevent himself from falling but these steps had no handrails. The Plaintiff fell and landed on his outstretched arms and face, fracturing his wrist and injuring his shoulder. The Plaintiff underwent surgery to repair his broken wrist and torn rotator cuff. The case settled for $340,000.