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Wrongful Death Lawsuit Of Hebron Teacher Settles For $1.1 Million

The lawsuit against a drunk driver who backed into Dawn Mallory in the parking lot of the RHAM Middle School on March 14, 2014, causing her fatal injuries has been settled for the maximum amount of insurance available covering the driver, Elizabeth Everett of Hebron.

Mallory was walking across the parking lot at 7:00 AM entering the school where she had taught for many years when Everett decided to back up her vehicle after incorrectly entering the lane reserved for busses. Everett was subsequently arrested for Motor Vehicle Misconduct, a felony. The charges are still pending against her.

Mallory, age 65, died two weeks later at Windham Hospital due to her multiple injuries after efforts to save her.

“Dawn Mallory was beloved by her students, faculty and parents at RHAM School and the entire Hebron community has grieved her loss” according to Attorney Joseph Barnes of The Reardon Law Firm of New London, the firm handling the lawsuit for her estate. “Her family and friends have gone through a painful ordeal over the last year and it has become apparent that, while Dawn’s death was a huge loss to her community, it is time to bring closure to this chapter of the case and accept all of the insurance that Elizabeth Everett had covering her and her car, as Ms. Everett has no other significant assets. Of course, our firm will continue our investigation as to other sources of recovery regarding the parking lot design and the supervision of traffic that morning and the family will await the finalization of the criminal case against Everett before deciding if there is further recourse for Dawn’s death” according to Barnes.