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How truck drivers can reduce distractions

On Behalf of | Apr 2, 2020 | Car Accidents |

Distraction can be a serious problem for commercial truck drivers in Connecticut. These diversions can be as small as adjusting the air conditioning or radio in the cab or as big as taking the time to send a text. It is impossible to eliminate all distractions while driving, so the goal should be to minimize them as much as possible.

One way to think about distractions is to consider how long they take a driver’s eyes or mind away from the road. Drivers may need to turn on windshield wipers or adjust the cruise control, and these actions only take about a second to complete. At the other end of the spectrum are actions like reading or composing a text. In between are actions that may not be as distracting, such as dialing a number on a phone, but which can still take a driver’s attention off the road for several hundred feet.

To be safer, truck drivers can focus on reducing risk and controlling what happens in their cab. For example, a driver could make sure to have food unwrapped and drinks placed in holders before leaving a restaurant parking lot instead of trying to do this while driving. A driver could also set the phone so it can be answered by touching a button.

A truck driver who causes a motor vehicle accident that leads to other people being injured could be held financially responsible for costs associated with those injuries. The company the truck driver works for could also be considered responsible. Injuries suffered in truck accidents may be particularly catastrophic because of the size and speed of the vehicles involved. An accident victim who is having trouble getting compensation for medical expenses and other costs may want to consult an attorney. Legal counsel may help in filing a lawsuit if necessary.