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Medical malpractice involving childbirth

On Behalf of | May 26, 2023 | Medical Malpractice, Wrongful Death |

The Reardon Law Firm, P.C., has decades of experience handling medical malpractice cases arising out of negligence of medical professionals before, during and after childbirth.  The birth of a child is usually a joyous and life-changing event. Unfortunately, the Centers for Disease Control study reports that there are 21,000 stillbirths each year in the United States, affecting about one in every 175 births. Sometimes, a stillbirth may be due to medical malpractice.  Whether the child is stillborn or dies soon after birth, the negligent conduct of physicians, nurses or others may have deprived the parents and the child of a lifetime of experiences.

Common causes of infant death

There are four leading causes of harm to infants during childbirth:

  • Lack of oxygen: The umbilical cord may be wrapped around the fetus’ neck or the baby may be deprived of oxygen due to a problem with the mother’s placenta. These situations can cause cerebral palsy or death of the fetus.
  • Traumatic injuries: Difficult or prolonged labor increases the chances that the bay may be injured in utero, causing irreparable harm or death.
  • Reduced blood flow: Lack of blood can cause the baby’s brain and other vital organs to shut down.

What to consider if you are the victim of medical negligence in childbirth

Sometimes a family that loses a baby to stillbirth may file a wrongful death claim against the medical personnel involved. If you suspect that your baby died because of the negligence of medical professionals, you may wish to consult with an attorney.