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Construction workers face a high risk of TBI

On Behalf of | May 11, 2023 | Personal Injury |

Construction work is one the of the most dangerous professions. There are many safety protocols and training used to minimize the risk involved.  However, working with large machines and hazardous materials, sometimes high off the ground on unfinished structures, can cause serious injuries.

According to the Center for Disease Control, construction work also results in the largest number of fatal and nonfatal work-related traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) in the U.S., amounting to between 20% and 25% of work-related trauma. Despite wearing hard hats on work sites, workers risk a bump, blow, jolt or penetrating head injury. Even if the hard hat remains intact, the impact to the head can still cause the brain to strike the inside of the cranial structure, causing damage and tearing nerve tissue.

3 common causes of TBIs involving construction workers

  1. Falls: This most common reason for injuries on construction sites can lead to TBIs. Falling off of ladders and structures or falling through temporary floors are common examples.
  2. Motor vehicles: Construction zones motorists pass through while driving are high-risk areas for workers, and collisions with workers can cause head trauma and other harm.
  3. Being struck by materials or equipment: It is common to see a crane or pulley lifting materials at a work site. These machines can swing out of control by a gust of wind or due to a mechanical failure. Head trauma can result.

TBIs can be life-changing

TBIs can result in debilitating symptoms. The Reardon Law Firm, P.C. handles cases involving TBIs and all other types of construction site accidents. Those suffering the long-term effects of TBIs can get the help they need.