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Severe injuries commonly suffered in semi-truck-related crashes

On Behalf of | Aug 29, 2023 | Truck Accidents |

Injuries sustained in semi-truck-related crashes are typically some of the most serious. This is often because of the size and weight differential between the average semi and other passenger vehicles on the road — SUVs, sedans and small trucks. Unfortunately, the number of deaths and injuries from semi-truck crashes continues to climb, with 4,714 people dying in large truck crashes in 2021 (a 17% increase over 2020). The types of injuries suffered by victims vary greatly, but include the following:

Traumatic brain injuries

Often known by the acronym TBI, traumatic brain injuries occur when an individual’s head experiences a sudden blow or blunt trauma, causing damage to the brain. If the victim survives, this injury can result in long-term physical or cognitive impairments that require treatment and rehabilitation.

Severe burns

Some semi-trucks carry materials that are flammable. Collisions with trucks carrying these types of materials can cause explosions and fires. If the fire engulfs or affects the driver or the driver and passengers of another vehicle, scarring and extreme pain can result and can require medical care, including surgeries.

Damage to internal organs

Seatbelts are critical to our safety when we are driving or riding in cars.  However, they can cause trauma to internal organs, particularly when a collision occurs with a large truck. Seat belt trauma can lead to damaged organs and internal bleeding, which may not initially be obvious to medical providers.

Spinal cord damage

The spinal cord is a critical part of the central nervous system that conveys messages between the brain and the rest of the body. When a victim’s vertebrae stretch, compress, fracture or dislocate, the pieces can damage the spinal cord nerves, causing severe or permanent damage, including partial or permanent paralysis. While mobility is a significant concern, other injuries involve chronic pain, bladder or bowel dysfunction, spasms or loss of sensation.


Blunt force trauma can cause a victim’s limb to suffer permanent damage that may require amputation.  Removal of a limb requires extensive medical treatment, therapy and rehabilitation. It most certainly causes the amputee life-long challenges, pain and difficulties.

Compensation for harm caused by semi-truck collisions

Victims can seek damages for the life-changing injuries caused by semi-truck collisions. A competent attorney with experience in trucking collisions can assist those who believe they were harmed by the negligence of a truck driver, trucking company or by a defective vehicle.