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Study finds men much more likely than women to die in fatal crashes

On Behalf of | May 2, 2024 | Car Accidents, Wrongful Death |

Recent findings indicate that across all 50 states, male drivers are more prone to be in fatal car accidents than female drivers, with Connecticut being the third most hazardous state for male drivers in terms of fatalities. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety analyzed data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to compare the likelihood of fatal incidents between male and female drivers.

The study’s method

During the span from 2017 to 2021, the study looked into the number of male and female deaths resulting from traffic accidents. The outcome was a calculated ratio of male to female deaths per 100,000 licensed drivers over this period. According to the findings, the likelihood of men dying in car crashes in Hawaii is the highest nationally, at 5.72 times that of women. New York follows at 4.47 times, and Connecticut comes in third at a 4.23.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety provided detailed statistics for the year 2021. The overall number of fatal crashes in the nation involving men was 30,747, compared to 12,051 involving women. The breakdown of these deadly crashes is as follows:


  • 14,498 male deaths and 5,735 female deaths were recorded in passenger vehicles.
  • Passenger vehicle accidents resulted in 3,005 male and 3,263 female passenger fatalities.
  • Deaths of large truck drivers amounted to 468 for men and 14 for women.
  • There were 29 male and 14 female fatalities as passengers in large trucks.
  • Pedestrian fatalities included 5,171 men and 2,154 women.
  • Bicyclist deaths accounted for 824 men and 121 women.
  • Motorcyclist fatalities were 5,587 for men and 488 for women.

In Connecticut, the total number of traffic-related deaths was 930, with the data not specifying the vehicle types:

  • The death count was 749 for men and 181 for women.
  • Fatalities per 100,000 miles driven were 58.14 for men and 13.73 for women.

There were other variables

The study also pointed out other factors that affect these numbers. For example, men are more likely to drive, more likely to drive under the influence, and they are more likely to speed, which contributes to the number of deaths. The study also looked at age groups: The two age groups most likely to be involved in a fatal accident were men over age 85 and men ages 20-24. Conversely, men involved in the same types of accidents are less likely to die. This last finding was attributed to the kinds of vehicles men drive.

Study is a powerful reminder

It is always interesting to parse through statistics, but these numbers represent road-related deaths of people. Families never recover from these types of tragedies, but they can still find closure by working with a personal injury attorney who can hold the negligent accountable, whether it was due to negligence, driving under the influence or other factors.